Stilettos & Levis

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Goodbye Bevo XIII

...For it's Bevo (XIII) we love the best
Hail, hail the gang's all here
And it's Bevo (XIII) we put to rest

You were born a winner; proven when you became a World Champion Steer at the age of three. Then you moved to Austin to continue your winning streak. You became a symbol of "courage, fighting ability, nerve, lust of combat, efficiency in deadly encounters and the holy spirit of 'Never Say Die' ".

You stood proudly on the side lines as a good luck charm to your boys in burnt orange for 16 seasons. You outlasted three head coaches and saw a number of players come and go. You saw Ricky win the Heisman, traveled to Washington D.C. to take part in President Bush's inaugural festivities and, although you retired in 2004 still got to see your boys win the National Championship last year.

Bevo XIII (Sunrise Express), you were a Texas idol. You've become a Texas legend. Goodbye, old friend. God's speed.

Take a moment, listen to TAPS and say a little prayer for Bevo XIII...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Very Important Day

Today is a very impotant day! My cousin is getting married and, all my family is coming into town! Oh Hooray!

(Please note that the only part of the above statement not dripping with sarcasim is the first is an important day. The following is how I really feel.)


Of all the days to pick to get married, of course, his fiance had to pick today! The day of the Red River Shoot Out! The day my Longhorns play OU in Dallas! So rather than being in Dallas watching Mack hand Stoops his ass on a platter, rather than wearing my burnt orange game day shirt, I'll be here at wedding in a cocktail dress! Who plans their wedding on one of the biggest days in college football? UGH! Girls, why are their so few of us that get football?

I'd like to go on record now and say that when I get married (we should probably actually change that "when" to an "if") it will NOT be until AFTER football season! I also, will not be attending any showers scheduled on Saturdays during or overlapping game time!


My cousins fiance sucks and weddings suck but, neither suck as much as OU!

Good Luck, Mack! Good Luck, Colt! Good Luck, Longhorns!

Love you,

P.S. As y'all know us Texans are a very friendly bunch so, I was thinking. After the Sooners lose they're going to feel all beat down and defeated and just all around let's not send them home empty handed! Let's give them a lovely consolation prize...The Aggie Corps of Cadets! They can change the name of course but, after they lose their school is going to need to have something else to be known for and A&M and The State of Texas no longer has any use for them. Just a thought! Anyhow, Good Luck!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Texas Survivor: Aggie Corps of Cadets Voted Off

So I'm not an Aggie. I'm a Longhorn. Being a Longhorn, I ordinarily don't mind when the Aggies lose a football game. Although sometimes I'm embarrassed for them, I'm rarely embarrassed by them. This past weekend I was embarrassed by them. The Aggies embarrassed the entire state of Texas last weekend.

WAIT! NO! STOP! Let me clarify!

The Aggie Corps of Cadets embarrassed their school and their state last weekend when they decided to do this on national television... 1QeIY

Now I have heard the argument or lame justification, if you will, that this may have been some corps tradition or attempt to pump themselves up. I don't CARE! I don't care what they were trying to do or even why they did it. This is NOT something you do on national television! A major public university is representative of its state, likewise the organizations of that university. Squeezing your junk in a row on television is just poor form regardless of the purpose. It's not like they held up a sign to explain it so, the rest of the country saw this... 1QeIY

This is how they chose to represent us (Texas)!

The Corps has got to go! They are the main reason everyone makes fun of A&M in the first place and, now they've gone too far!

Everyone, Aggies, Longhorns and all other Texans from various universities included, that I have spoken with regarding this matter, have agreed. This is what we have to say...

To: The Aggie Corps of Cadets

Get out you psycho, West Point wanna be, reject, military freaks! Get the hell out of our state! We (normal Aggies included) want you out! Congratulations, you've officially been voted out of the state! Pack your bags!

Texas Civilians

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Shoe Shopping for Men

I've been doing quite a bit of thinking about relationships lately. We all (men and women alike) claim to want simple and yet, we make relationships amazingly complicated. Isn't it ironic that both honesty and dishonesty can send a relationship into a tailspin? Too much honesty can be overwhelming or hurtful or both and, dishonesty well that's just always a bad idea.

A friend of mine recently compared dating to shoe shopping (her favorite thing). "You walk around the store picking up and flirting with the few you think are cute and then you try them on. Then you find and purchase THE PAIR." I laughed and told her she was right. Then I realized she's only half right.

Dating may be like shoe shopping but, it's more like walking into the store, picking up the display shoe you like and instead of waiting for the salesman to bring out your size you try to squeeze into the size 5 display shoe. You wear a size 8. The display shoe goes flying embarrassingly off your foot and knocks down another display just as the salesman brings out the shoe in your size.

When we first start dating someone new we try and squeeze into them. We hide all of our weird quirks and flaws and try desperately to be everything we think the other person wants us to be. Inevitably the real us starts to creep out and then we have to spend time getting to know each other all over again. Yet try to start out a relationship on a completely honest note and it's over before it ever really began. Why is that?


I feel like I may have more to say on the subject but, seeing as how it's such a confusing topic my thoughts are still all jumbley in my head. So chew on that for now and if anyone out there actually understands the dating game, PLEASE, I beg you, explain it to me.